By training dinosaurs to be good at something, the team at the Dinosaur Trainers is hoping to get a glimpse of our planet from the stars.

The company has been training dinosaurs in Arizona since April, and is planning to train as many as 10,000.

Drones are part of the training, but they’re also a tool that could prove valuable to humans in the long run.

Dinosaurs are among the few animals that can be trained in a lab to perform a specific task.

They are intelligent and can communicate, but the training can be extremely dangerous.

The company uses cameras mounted on a drone to capture footage of the animals and then the footage is shared with its trainers.

The training is supposed to last for four months and then a dinosaur will be sent to a remote location where it can be put through its paces.

When the dinosaur does well, the trainers can give it the training again.