A potty-training session at a California park.

A potty, which is required in some public parks, has been a hot topic of discussion recently.

In June, the Los Angeles Times reported that park officials had asked for volunteers to help clean up the restrooms in parks after a report that children urinated and defecated in the restrooms.

The Times reported officials also wanted volunteers to teach children how to use a hand sanitizer.

The city has since banned the use of hand sanitizer in restrooms.

On Tuesday, the San Jose Mercury News reported that a park official was told that a school in the city of Redwood City is considering installing a potting toilet.

The Mercury News said the city wants the school to use water from a local water system.

The paper reported that the school has also been considering using water from the city’s water system for the potty.

The Mercury News report prompted Mayor Nancy McFarlane to say that she is “very concerned” about the idea of using city water for potty maintenance.

McFarlane said that the city has no plans to do that and that she believes the water in Redwood Lake should be treated in accordance with state and federal laws.

The city is also investigating whether the use or storage of potty equipment is allowed in parks.

Officials with the Redwood Park Department said that officials are investigating the matter but that they will take appropriate action when it is found that something is not being done.

A Redwood County spokeswoman said the county will take the lead on potty inspections at parks, but that the county is not in a position to require potty operators to be certified.

The spokesman said the department will also enforce any violations.