A father of two young children and a mother of five has spoken out about the best part of parenting.

Speaking to ABC News, Tim and his wife, Emma, said it was their job to make sure their kids grew up well.

“It’s a really good role, to be a mother, it’s just a really important role,” Tim told ABC News.

“You have to keep the children safe, you have to be able to provide for them, you need to provide support, you’re the one who looks after them.”

“It would be nice to be the best mother that I can, but it’s also my job to take care of my kids,” he added.

“I think I’ve done a great job with my family, but the best thing is to just be a mom.”

Emma, who has two older children of her own, also said she had to be careful about what she said to her children.

“One thing that I’ve learnt, is to say the right things to my children and be gentle with them,” she said.

“If you want to get to know them better, you should say things to them in a more mature way.”