Freight Train, the new train ride from the Disney Parks and Resorts division, is officially coming to Walt Disney World Resort.

The ride will open in December and will be powered by a new and improved system that will allow it to move at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour on two wheels, a new mode that allows the ride to go in any direction and will allow guests to choose between two modes: a straight ride, which is a loop with a detour for the train to run, and a reverse ride, in which the train runs in reverse but stops for guests.

Both modes are currently available on the Disneyland Resort.

You can read our in-depth interview with Walt Disney Imagineering here.

The new ride is also expected to be much more robust and will have better track handling and safety features than the old train.

For the ride’s first ride, we asked the Imagineers what the experience was like to ride this new system.

“You’re not just riding the train.

You’re riding with the train,” says Imagineer Scott Whelan.

“It’s not just a single ride, but a two- or three-wheeled, two-seater, or even a four-wheeling vehicle.”

“It is an experience of joy,” adds Whela.

“And it is an incredible journey.

It’s a great way to go out on a holiday and experience the wonders of the Magic Kingdom.”

The new system is powered by the latest in battery technology, and it can move at up to 100 miles per day on two engines.

The carriages are also bigger than ever before.

For example, the ride is now 5,000 feet long, compared to the original version’s 3,000-foot length.

Whelans says the new ride will have an additional 40 new “pads” for guests to take off and land on.

These pads will be larger than before, which allows the train cars to seat up to 40 guests at once.

“There are more pad areas and more room to maneuver around the carriages,” says Whel, “which is great for people who like to walk.”

The Imagineers also made sure that guests can choose to take the new carriages either in a reverse or a straight mode.

“In a straight-ride, it is like riding the rails, but you have to make the turn to get off the rails,” says Matt Goss, senior vice president of parks and resorts.

“So we are going to make this a lot more fun for the people who want to go back.”

The ride is scheduled to open in 2019, but Whel is still planning to open it in 2021.

This is the third update to Freight, after it was released to the public in November.

The first update was the addition of the new Disney’s MagicBand, which gives guests access to new experiences that they couldn’t previously access.

The second update was to introduce new features such as interactive maps and interactive guides.

The third update was also a major update that expanded the park’s Disney California Adventure, which includes the Disney Springs, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.

The update that introduced the new features was the second version of the ride.