The next installment of the Dragon series has come and gone, and the first-person shooter sequel has begun rolling out its marathon training schedule.

The next week will see the release of the first Dragon game, Dragonfall, which will be followed by the release in 2018 of the third Dragon game. 

According to a new interview with The Game Awards, Dragon’s marathon training is expected to be a mix of Dragonfall and Dragonfall 2. 

“Dragonfall 3, if it happens, will have a very, very heavy Marathon Training section, and then Dragonfall 4,” the interviewer says.

“And then it’ll be a mixed Dragonfall 1 and 2 and Dragonfire 2.

But then I think you’ll see the Dragonfall 3 and 4 with Marathon Training as well.”

Dragonfall, like the previous games, will see players battle dragon-like creatures to save the planet, and that means the game will include a lot of dragons.

It also has a lot more in common with other open-world survival games like the Call of Duty series than with the Call Of Duty franchise, though the similarities are mostly cosmetic. 

The Game Awards asked Dragon creator Dontnod Entertainment’s Mike Bithell, who’s also the creative director of the upcoming BioShock Infinite game, if there was any reason to go the marathon route.

“The Marathon Training [is] part of a very interesting story,” Bithell said.

“I’ve heard the game is kind of like a big, giant movie and the only reason that’s in the game was to get the story out of the way so you could get into the game.” 

“The reason it’s so interesting is that it has so much in common, and it has a huge cast of characters that we’re all going to be able to connect to,” he continued.

“That’s something that we’ve tried to do in every single Dragon game that we make, even Dragonfall.

And the biggest thing that makes it really special is that we have this incredibly strong cast of really great characters, and all of them have a deep connection to each other.

So I think the idea of a marathon is a very important part of the game, in terms of the connection between the players and the characters.”

The Game’s interview is worth a read in full, but the most interesting parts of the interview come when the interviewer talks about the new Dragonfall game and whether it’ll feature the Dragonstar mode that the original game had. 

In the interview, Bithell says the Dragoncast mode will be a feature that will only be available in Dragonfall: “I think there’s going to probably be a new thing in Dragonfire that I can’t tell you about yet,” he said. 

“[But] it’s a feature we’re really excited about, and I think it’s going be really interesting to see how people use it.” 

It’s also worth noting that in DragonFall, players can’t switch between the different versions of the world’s heroes. 

If you want to play as a Dragonfall player who also wants to play the game as a Call of Death: Chains of Olympus style game, you’ll have to do it that way. 

You can watch the full interview below.