On the training day of their dog obedience training exercise, one trainer has to take on a new task: training the animal to listen.

The trainer asks her dog to perform a series of tricks before the trainer steps on the trainer’s foot and lets her walk.

The trainer has also got to do a few things with the dog.

“There are some exercises where I’m not allowed to walk and the dog has to follow me, and there are other things where I can’t walk and have to sit with my hands on the dog’s back,” says the trainer, who works in a large city called Lucknow.

The dog’s behavior and responses to the trainer are key to the training.

“If she starts to sniff the trainer and start to follow the trainer around, she’s getting better and she’ll become more obedient,” says a trainer.

“And if she does that, she’ll start to be more affectionate towards me.”

Training dogs is a complex task, but the dog trainer has one major advantage.

She has trained many dogs for decades.

“A lot of trainers are just sitting on the sidelines and they don’t even know what they’re doing,” says an official at a trainer-training academy in Lucknow, where the trainer is based.

“They don’t know how to train the dog and that’s why trainers are so great.

They know everything about the dog.”

A trainer from Lucknow on her dog obedience exercise in Luckon.

(Supplied/The Times of Indian)Training is done in a small training room.

The trainers can’t even see the dogs, let alone touch them, because the dogs are being trained by a human.

“It’s not like they’re getting a massage or something like that.

They have to get the dog to do certain things, and they have to do it with the trainer.

And the trainer has got to get his hands on them so he can use them,” says this trainer.

Another trainer is more traditional.

“In India, it’s very difficult to train dogs.

It’s difficult to do training sessions.

We have to keep the dog at home with us, and it’s a very demanding thing.

There are many trainers that do training on the streets, but they can’t get into the trainers’ homes,” she says.

The trainers are not paid and are not given anything for training the dogs.

“We don’t get any money,” says another trainer.

In some states, dogs must be trained in a “safe environment” like a private dog park, or a kennel.

In many states, trainers have to go on training days with their dogs alone.

“There are lots of people who do training in the city, but we don’t have any facilities.

If I had to give a single reason for why we don