A New Zealand dog has trained to carry an AR-15 rifle.

The pooch, named Kaitlin, is the latest to join a growing number of canine trainers around the world who have come to accept the rifle.

“When she was first brought into the program, we had to go through the proper training to be able to use her gun, but it was very helpful and we’re happy to say that we’ve managed to keep her in it for a while,” her owner John Tabor said.

Kaitlin is part of a growing breed of dog trainers who are accepting the rifle as a way to train.

The rifle is not just for hunting, either.

It’s also used in police work and as a security weapon.

“The only thing I don’t want people to know about Kaitlyn is she has a gun,” Tabor explained.

He said Kaitlins training began after her handler told her that she could carry a rifle and was able to shoot people.

The owner said he wanted Kait to be a positive role model for other dogs.

She’s already become a regular member of the police academy.

New Zealand’s police force is currently using the AR-style weapon for training, and the country’s military has used it to train its soldiers.

But many of the guns being used are not fully functional.