A dog is a dog is always a dog, but you can train your dog to love you by taking some time to train them in the basics of obedience, according to a video released by the American Academy of Dog Trainers (AABT).

The training video is called “How to Train your Dog,” and it’s a simple two-minute lesson, narrated by actor Kevin Connolly.

The first part of the video shows a dog being trained to sit up on his hind legs and sit with his front legs together, with a leash in front of his ears.

The second part shows a canine being trained with a dog collar, which has a collar that can be tied to the dog’s collarbone or the side of his neck.

You’ll be rewarded with the “Good Dog” award, according, as the dog is being given a “fair warning” to stop when the collar is removed.

“There are a lot of things that people have to understand when they’re training dogs, and I think that it’s important for a dog to understand these things so that they can actually be good dogs,” said Dan Hochman, the AABT’s director of dog training.

Hochman said it’s best to train your pup to do something that will teach them to be obedient.

He also suggests putting a leash on your dog’s neck to teach them that you love them, as dogs tend to be very protective of their owners.

The AABT has made the training video available on YouTube, so you can watch it if you’re not able to watch the actual video on YouTube.