Travelling by train is not new, but there have been major delays in recent years.

The number of trains has been on a downward trajectory and this year will be no different.

In January, the Dublin to Cork train line was suspended and was to be replaced by a new train to the south-west of the city.

However, due to budget constraints, it was cancelled in the middle of this month.

When it reopened, the line was cancelled for more than an hour due to a fire on the tracks.

Dublin to Cork trains will be replaced with a new line, the RTE news programme reported.

The RTE said it was due to be opened at about 6pm local time on Monday, which is about 5.30pm on the Eastern Irish time zone.

The news programme quoted a spokesman for Dublin to Londonderry, which runs the RMT rail union, as saying: “The RTÉ is not yet ready to confirm the date and the exact date of commencement of the new line but it is being announced this morning and it is expected to open by about 6.30 pm this morning.”

In February, a fire in the southbound engine of the Dublin-Londondry train killed one man and injured another.