A train attack on a train traveling between Washington and New York City last week left five people dead and hundreds injured.

The incident happened after the train traveled through a tunnel at the Washington, D.C., metro station, causing massive damage to the track and causing the station to collapse, the Washington Post reported.

A train of a different type was responsible for the attack, but investigators believe the one that caused the derailment was deliberately sabotaged, the Post reported, citing officials from the Federal Railroad Administration.

“The investigation is continuing,” a spokesman for the agency told CNN.

“We don’t have any information on a motive or any information that could lead us to any suspects.”

The U.N. said on Thursday that the attack was “a terrorist attack,” and that it was “seeking to determine if it was carried out by a foreign government.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attack showed that the U.K. government is “on the wrong track” and that the United States must “show leadership.”

“The U.k. government should take action to stop the flow of foreign fighters into Syria and Iraq, and take action against those who want to destroy Israel, which is what the terrorists want,” Netanyahu told reporters.

“It’s time for the U