A dog trainer is using his training program to help save thousands of lives by improving the quality of life for people who suffer from mental health problems.

Petco’s Mugen Trainers program trains dogs to be friendly and to be comfortable with people and other animals.

The program, which has been offered since 2016, uses a variety of tricks to help animals behave more like human beings.

The company is trying to develop a system that will be used in many pet stores nationwide, and it’s hoped that the program will be widely adopted. 

The company, which is owned by Amway, is testing a program for a large number of people. 

Petco has had a difficult year as it struggled to cope with the financial crisis, and the company has been struggling to find ways to boost sales and keep up with consumer demand for its products. 

“We need to make the world a better place,” said David Wylie, Petco’s vice president of human resources and community. 

 Wylie added that the company had also been focusing on customer service. 

He said the company was working to find new ways to help people.

“We’ve got an amazing team of people, so we’re really excited to see how our customers react,” he said.

PetCO has also invested heavily in its marketing and distribution efforts.

The animal training company has a massive presence in the pet food industry, including its pet-food division, which sells dog food, cat food, and dog treats.

The Petco brand also makes dog treats, and those products are sold by the company through its retail stores. 

According to data from the Petco website, PetCo has nearly 100,000 pet stores and about 1,400 retail locations. 

It has invested $9.5 billion into the pet and pet-care industry in the last three years, and in March it announced plans to spend $7 billion in the next three years to expand its pet food business. 

Earlier this year, the company said it was looking to build a “smart home” platform that would help customers better understand their pets and how to manage their pet’s health and well-being.