The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to unveil a schedule of trains between the cities of Seoul and Busan that will start arriving on September 20, with service starting from Seoul Station and extending from there to the Busan Railway Station, a spokesperson told the Korea Times.

The timetable will be unveiled at a news conference at the Busans Station on September 17.

The train schedule is expected to be a major factor in the launch of the Seoul MetroLink, a planned subway extension to the South Korean capital that is being developed by the Seoul Metropolitan government and will eventually connect to the rest of the country.

The subway will also be powered by electric buses.

The announcement comes just two weeks after Seoul’s subway service was delayed for five days after a fire broke out at the Seoul Station station.

The South Korean government has been struggling with the launch and maintenance of the subway system and has announced that it will invest $200 million in the project.