Antonio Brown says he is already looking forward to his first day at the new Petco Dog Training Centre at St Kilda Park.

Brown was in the paddock at the centre in the early hours of Monday morning, and was able to meet with the Petco trainers for the opening session.

Brown said he had had a blast with the training centre, and had enjoyed a great learning experience.

“It was a lot of fun, we had fun with the dogs, it was very exciting to be there and see the dogs,” he said.

“I’m really looking forward working with them because I know they’re very experienced in their job.”

There was a couple of dogs that were on the fence about whether or not they wanted to work with us or not, but they were all on board, they were training them and so it was a great day for everyone.

“Everyone that works there is very excited about it, and we’ve got the same trainers working with all the dogs.”

We’re hoping that everyone gets to see the difference we’ve made to them.

It’s great to see them come in and have a good day and hopefully they’ll be doing the same for everyone.

“Brown said the training facilities were a big plus for him and his family.”

The Petco is a very popular place, we’ve been there before,” he told the ABC.”

Our first day in the new building was great.

It was a good learning experience for the kids, I’ve been doing dog training for a long time now and it was really good.

“And we were all really impressed with the facility, it’s been well designed and the dogs were getting really good and we were getting the most out of them.”

So it was just a fantastic learning experience.

“Brown has already been working at the PetCO dog training centre for a few weeks now, and said he hoped to be able to go on to train other dogs at the facility.”

Training with the trainer and working with the trainers I’m definitely going to be getting a lot more dogs and hopefully train more dogs than what I’m currently doing,” he added.”

Hopefully I’ll be able train dogs that are at the top of the list, so that’s one of the benefits of being at the training facility.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the current program, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to get some more dogs there.

“Brown is already training a couple dogs, and is looking forward the opportunity to train more soon.”

That’s definitely one of my plans, I think I’ll start to work on the other dogs as well,” he joked.