Dogs are known for their amazing instinctive sense of smell, and that ability to smell things.

However, most of us have probably never tried training your own puppy to do the same.

So if you have a dog who just won’t quit, how do you train them to do things?

The best thing you can do is go for it and get in the habit of sniffing the area around you.

We’ve rounded up 10 tips for how to train and train well.


Make a home environment out of your yard.

You don’t want your dog to have to be confined to your couch or couch-less spot for hours on end just to sniff around the yard.

If you can create a home for your dog, it will help you avoid boredom.

You can also keep them entertained while they’re sniffing by setting them in front of a TV or other entertainment device.

Some dogs like to play fetch or snuggle, but it’s up to you.

Keep it fun and engaging and give them plenty of room to explore.

If your dog has a hard time finding food, it’s not a good idea to train them for food, since they’ll quickly learn that it’s a bad idea to feed them food they can’t digest.

You’ll want to make sure they can find the food at home before you give them food to eat.2.

Choose your own treats.

While some dogs like food treats, you want to be careful about the type of food you’re feeding them.

A solid food like a dog food that’s high in protein, like a bone meal, can be a good option for training your dog.

But if you’re a dog that prefers treats to real food, a mix of solid foods and treats is a good way to go.

You could use some of the food in your bowls, but you’ll need to mix them in carefully to ensure they don’t mix.3.

Train them to sniff the air.

Some breeds can be trained to smell a certain odor, like urine or dog fur, that a human person would pick up.

This is great if your dog is being trained to find a specific scent, but if you don’t have a trained dog, you’ll want the option of using a scent-scented toy or an actual scent to test out.

If they smell a particular odor, you can use a treat, like an apple or a treat-filled ball, to give them the scent.

If the dog’s nose is trained to pick up the scent, they’ll learn to sniff it more easily, too.4.

Give them a treat.

A treat is a treat that’s a little more involved than a toy, but is still pretty darn fun.

You just give your dog a treat when they smell something that you think is a tasty treat.

For example, you could give your puppy a treat to sniff a cookie, a treat for a treat and a treat in the bowl.

A small treat or toy can also work well for training a dog to sniff certain kinds of foods, like raw chicken or raw meat.5.

Give your dog treats that smell good.

If dogs aren’t accustomed to dogs having a scent, you may need to teach them to smell some new things.

Try giving your dog certain types of treats or treats with a certain smell.

Dogs that are trained to be picky about what they find, like poodle and shepherd mixes, will like a treat with a different scent.

You should also give them treats that are high in fat or salt, like chocolate or salty chip cookies.

For dogs that like a little bit of spice, such as an orange or orange flavored treat, you should give your pup a treat flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves.6.

Make your own dog food.

Dogs love dogs.

You want to give your dogs something that they can sniff when they find it.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, though.

You need to know the proper way to mix the ingredients in the dog food and to figure out the right mix for your particular dog.

You might want to do it the old-fashioned way, like making your own mixes with the ingredients and then mixing them in a bowl with your dog’s food, then adding the food to it.

For some breeds, you might want them to mix up some of their own dog foods so that they have some choice in what kind of food they like.

And then you can feed your dog all the dog foods you want.

It’s all up to the dog.7.

Get some new treats.

If a dog doesn’t like the taste of food that comes with a treat you’ve given them, it might be time to look for another treat.

You may want to start by making a new treat.

This way, you have something to keep them coming back to.

If it’s too hard to find new treats, try getting some dog treats for your puppy from the local pet supply